Q&A with Gentlemen Hall

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Boston sextet Gentlemen Hall just released their single Sail Into The Sun. A perfect tune for summer here in Australia. It is the kind of song that makes you want to run under the bright and shining sun in slow motion. It feels cinematic that scenes play on my mind when I listen to the song; it's brilliant.

We had a Q&A with the band, talking about the single, the upcoming album and their single being featured in a commercial,

Introduce your band to us. Who makes up your band and where are you from?
We are Gentlemen Hall, a six piece band complete with synthesizers, two lead vocalists, a flute player, bass, and drummer who dubles up on the bells. 

We came across your song Sail Into The Sun, and loving it. What is the story behind it?
Well thank you so much, really glad you’re into it. We wrote it on the first day of Spring, true story. The sun was blazing as we wrote the lyrics from our front porch. We had all the windows in the house open and it was truly a celebration. We think that song captured a bit of that..  

The song is featured in a Samsung commercial. What was it like for you?
Placements in commercial and TV are a great way for an independent band like us to get our music out there. Major labels have billions of dollars to play with in marketing their artists but that's ok.... cus we have placements! 

You are currently finishing on a full length album, when is it due out?
TBD! But it'll be out in 2013. promise! We are working are faces off as we speak! 

What can fans expect from the album?
I’m really excited about the presence of the flute on this album. We really made an effort to present the flute to the world in our Gentlemen Hall-kind of way. We've got a few songs that are 100% flutes. Literally 30 flutes stacked on top of each other.

When writing music, which comes first: music or lyrics?
Music always first. Words write themselves (if we're lucky). Sometimes we really have to dig deep to find the right words. A lot of songs will musically come together for us in a day and then lyrically go through months of drafts.

What's next for Gentlemen Hall?
We're really excited about 2013. Already it has been our favorite year as a band. We've played some awesome shows (with a band from out west called Royal Teeth, if you dont know them you will soon), had some great new avenues of exposure and recorded some new music that I'm more excited about now than ever.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sitting at my desk this afternoon in the grey and very cold north woods after shelling on Sanibel Island, cruising in our convertible through the Everglades to South Beach and then on down through the Florida Keys, this songs recaptures the warmth and adventure of a great retreat from winter in North America.

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