Quick News : The Zoobombs Tour

Monday, 16 July 2012

Legendary Japanese rock and rollers The Zoobombs is going to do an Australian tour ,organised and supported by the most hardcore of Zoobombs fans, Mesa Cosa, the tour will be visiting Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney.

Live from Tokyo, Japan! Land of the rising sun, birthplace of ninjas, samurais and seizure invoking cartoons, come the bombastic one of a kind rock 'n' roll heavyweights that are The Zoobombs.

If you've ever been to a Zoobombs show before you'll be flailing around like a child dizzy on three litres of red lemonade by now. If not, you're in for a treat. Imagine Guitar Wolf and Boredoms got together and had a hyperactive lovechild and you're getting close. Yes, they are that good.
Born from the fevered mind of conductor/guitarist Don Matsuo, The Zoobombs traverse the treacherous outcrops of rock'n'roll, psych, garage and funk without so much as breaking a sweat and have assured themselves a cultish devotion from fans across the world through their extraordinary live shows. Fans such as The Flaming Lips who were so impressed by their energy that they took The Zoobombs on tour across the States, cementing their reputation as one of the greatest live rock acts in the world.
The Zoobombs will be making their long-awaited return to our shores in 2012 for two reasons; passion and love.
Returning the love in the biggest way are tour co-conspirators Mesa Cosa. Fans of the highest order (and a very, very tidy unit themselves) Mesa Cosa's love for The Zoobombs was the genesis of this tour. So eager to see their favourite band perform again and to share their incendiary live show with the rest of the nation, Mesa Cosa are funding and organising the whole shebang themselves - airfares from Japan and all.
So what have you done to fly the flag for your favourite band recently? Eh?
With more scope for damage than a final battle between Godzilla and Mothra, fittingly this beast of a tour awakens this August 17 at Melbourne's venerated Tote Hotel before taking prisoners in Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney."
17 Aug- Melbourne, TheTote W/ Mesa Cosa, Baptism of Uzi and Batpiss
22 Aug- Newcastle, Great Northern Hotel W/ Mesa Cosa and guests
24 Aug- The Patch, Wollongong W/ Mesa Cosa and guests
25 Aug- Sandringham Hotel, Sydney W/ Mesa Cosa, Dead Farmers and guests


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