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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Photo courtesy of Jinja Safari

Having just released their newest EP Toothless GrinJinja Safari is not stopping. This is proved by the fact that they are going to do a tour called The Blind Date Tour with New Zealand's Opossom and Los Angeles' White Arrows this August. The tour is followed by festivals that they are going to play in September such as Bestival in UK and Rifflandia Music Festival in Canada. They are also working on their album. Some more good stuff seems to be coming out from Jinja Safari.

Here is Marcus Azon talked about what they are working on, their Triple J Like A Version and a crazy experience that he had.

Who makes up your band and where do you guys come from?
Marcus- Vocals, guitar, 
Pepa ‘The Dark’ Knight- Keys/Sitar/Production/Vision/bossy boots/vox, 
Joe Citizen- bass, 
Al 'Nugget' Roach- Percussion, 
Jacob 'fat stacks' Borg- Drums. 

Al and I grew up together in Tasmania, Jacob and Pepa grew up together on the Central Coast. We found Joe in a box at our doorstep, and we told him he could stay if he learnt the bass.

What are you working on at the moment?
Joining my moustache to my goatee, so I can wear my facial hair like singer/songwriter Chad Kroeger of Nickleback. Collectively and professionally we are working on an album full of music and ideas. It will be our first, maybe our last, maybe our best, might even be a game changer, the game might change us- either way- you can't AFFORD not TO buy this ALBUM. (yikes)

Saw your cover for Ignition at Triple J Like A Version, it was sick! Why did you guys choose that song?
We had a lot of our song ideas rejected. I had learnt acoustic versions of Survivor by Destiny’s Child, King of Wishful Thinking by Go West, I even broke down Steal My Sunshine by Len. All brushed to the corner like a box of stale milo puffs. Ignition was a last minute choice, and went ahead purely because I knew all the lyrics, in their horrible, vulgar, sleazy, chauvinistic entirety. 

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Tell us at least one crazy experience from your tour!
Something I feel like I need to come clean on. Just to remind everyone, mainly Joe and Stral, that it wasn't my fault. 

Pepa had his wife on tour, so the remaining 4 boys (and our manager Matt Nielson) formed a 'sub band' called Team Kaoss. It was basically a group of boys on the hire bikes in UK/US/CA doing skiddies anywhere and all the time. We had an amazing day of bike riding, after a very small show in Montreal. We were bombing down Monut Royale and I saw a couple of pigeons, and thought to myself how wonderful everyone would think I was if I bunny hoped over said birds. Of course as I took flight, so did one of the pigeons. Feathers everywhere and all I can remember is that pigeons terrified face looking over his shoulder trying so hard to get away from me as I hammered down upon him. Everyone was shocked and appalled, most of all Team Kaoss. We all learnt big lessons that day. And yes the bird was fine. A little embarrassed by his irrational choice of flight, I imagine, but I did see him walking on the footpath when I glanced over my shoulder as we fled the scene. We we're all humbled by the incident, both man and Canadian Air-rat.

Tell us 5 random facts about your band 
Two of us are preacher’s sons.
Two of us are tradies sons.
One of us is a painters son.

How did you come up with 'Jinja Safari' as your band's name?
It's a reference to my grandmother who lives in the Ugandan Town of Jinja. A lot of the songs are about my family, most of which have an afro beat influence; so it seemed logical to doff the cap to an old lady who personifies tall stories and jungle beats.

Have you got your ticket yet for their tour? Here is the dates for The Blind Date Tour, maybe they still have some tickets available:

Wed 8 Aug: Perth – Astor Theatre
Thurs 9 Aug: Adelaide – Uni Bar (Licensed All Ages)
Fri 10 Aug: Melbourne – The Hi-Fi
Sat 11 Aug: Melbourne – The Hi-Fi (Under 18s)
Wed 15 Aug: Canberra – ANU Bar
Thu 16 Aug: Newcastle – UNI Bar
Fri 17 Aug: Sydney – Metro (Licensed All Ages)
Sat 18 Aug: Brisbane – The Hi-Fi

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