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Friday, 20 July 2012

Melbourne’s Red Ink have been busy of late. Having just returned from their first UK tour, where they played to a rapturous audience at The Great Escape Festival, Red Ink are set to release their latest single Euphoria.Incorporating soaring, melodic guitars, intricate bass lines and rolling drums, Euphoria marks a shift from the cathartic, intense pop of their celebrated debut Catching A Killer, and embodies a sound which is now imbued with vulnerability and dream-soaked hope, infusing worldliness and depth to Red Ink’s sonic landscape.

Hello fellow Melbournians, who makes up your band?
Greetings cyber world. Our band is made up of the following peeps…Brendan plays the g-tar, John likes to sing, Munnzy plays bass, and Aaron likes to think that he makes art with his drums.

Can you tell us how did your band formed?
The band had humble beginnings like many other bands we formed in High School. We had to put together a band for our music class so it all kinda went from there. We started out playing Blink 182 covers and wearing Hawaiian shirts. 10 years later Blink 182 are coming out for Soundwave or something…and Hawaiian shirts are back in fashion. Magic.

What's the story behind 'Red Ink' as your band's name?
It’s actually pretty boring. We couldn’t think of a name and then we saw a car drive past with the number plate ‘REDINK’. We kinda liked it, so it stuck.

Finally you guys made a comeback after a couple of years! How does it feel?
It feels amazing. Almost on par with the art of love. We’ve been really busy over the past year writing and recording. We took a step back and decided to change up what we were doing, to something far more natural to us. We kind of went back to the influences we had when we first started taking the band seriously. It’s been a really great transformation, we feel very refreshed from it. We’re really stoked on what we’ve been writing and so far it’s been doing some cool things for us. We just went to England to play a few massive festivals and things seem to be vibing along well over there. It’s been a great 12 months or so since we took a bit of a change of direction.

Any excitement working with Craig Harnath and Jez Giddings as they were producing some major artists like Oasis , Franz Ferdinand , Cut Copy , etc?
It was pretty sweet. Craig has a crazy goatie. It’s like a stoners version of the Backstreet Boys goatie. I was very impressed by that. It was amazing to be so close to the beach recording. That was one of the reasons we went there. It was the end of summer and we just went down to the beach all the time. It was awesome. Craig and Jez were great to work with musically. Craig was a very subtle producer on these sessions. He kinda added his 2c here and there. He came up with some bits of gold for us. He brought in this amazing cellist and Theremin player. It pretty much blew our minds! It was that type of stuff that really put the bling over the top of the EP. It was pretty sweet walking the hallways and seeing signed posters from guys like Oasis and Franz Ferdinand too.

Tour is on the way next month, any expectations?
Awesomeness. That’s pretty much it. We’re stoked to be playing heaps of shows again. It was a bit strange just writing and recording for ages. We’ve always played at least one show a week, but taking time out to write was really beneficial in that sense. It’s a bit nerve racking leading up to the release of this EP. It’s fairly different to what we last released. Hopefully the crowds connect with it! It should be sweet sticks.

Craziest story amongst your tour experience?
This isn’t the craziest, but it’s pretty awesome. When we were flying over to the UK, Munnzy and Aaron decided to get up and go for a bit of a walk to stretch their legs. Whilst on this meander, the lads came across a small gathering up the back of the plane at the bar. Some would call it a party. The boys joined this gathering that consisted of a young German girl, and an old university professor. They continued to stand there and drink with them for the next 4 hours of the flight. Aaron, being the great wingman that he is, talked to the Professor the whole time about The Beatles and other random things. Munnzy on the other hand, got his A-Game on. They were then told that the flight would be coming to its conclusion in the coming minutes, so they all had to return to their seats. Luckily for Munnzy, he had a spare seat next to him that the young German woman was very happy to sit in. The following scene was amazing. Aaron starting losing his mind!! The girl was now on top of Munnzy, mounting him cowgirl style in the midst of landing. They had covered themselves in a blanket, but that did not stop the strange looks they were getting from the man sitting next to them. It was a great end to an amazing flight. Munnzy is the King of flying.

Tell us 5 random facts about your band!
1. Our rehearsal studio has ghetto mattress walls.
2. John likes to watch The OC whilst driving in the tour van. He once cried in front of us while watching. In his defence, it was an extremely emotional moment. Ryan left and went back home and Seth sailed of into the unknown, leaving Summer behind. What a silly boy he was.
3. Brendan likes to wear lycra body suits. If the band fails, he plans on competing in Le Tour De France.
4. Munnzy has an amazing ability to sleep. We are rather jealous of him on long flights and drives.
5. Aaron is in to Harry Potter. Like a massive HP nerd. When we were playing in Sydney once last year, he stayed up there whilst we all drove home just to go to the Harry Potter exhibition at the museum. He bought a replica of Dumbledore’s wand and everything. He has the mind of a 7 year old.


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