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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Photo courtesy of Blue Sun
Blue Sun's Josh Romig started his music career by busking for a living since his late teens. He was asked to participate in a Face The Music masterclass with singer-songwriter Charles Jenkins. He also won the Young Songwriters Awards in 2010. And here is our Q&A with Josh himself talking about the band's EP We Are Blue Sun.

Who makes up your band?
Mostly atoms… but don't want to stress peoples brains with super scientific sht so, Shane Reilly, Roger Bergodaz, Peter Marin and I. 
Where are you from?
Where all people want to be from, Melbourne.
You just released your debut EP.  Tell us about it in general.  
This group of tracks are songs i've pined over for countless hours.. Went from guitar to a band with amazing production and contrast (which is what i dig most about the listening experience). If i had heard what this EP was going to sounds like when i was writing them i would've probably passed out. They've completely changed form and discovered their identity's and it's been a really amazing creative experience moulding the clay which are the tracks now.
Do you have a favourite track in the EP?
Do you have a testicle hanging from your earlobe? No, of course not.
Is there any particular artists that influence your music?
For sure.. But I'm getting more and more inspired by Hip Hop in general.  Heaps of creative lyricists.  I'm a big fan of MF DOOM, Ghostface Killah just getting into Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar, El-P.  Check out deltron 3000, Del the funky Homosapien dropped a concept album that is extensively Dope.
Melodically i'm also a huge fan of Rufus Wainwright, Daniel Johns, Kate Bush, Bjork, Fleet Foxes.  Not to say just melodically, because they are all amazing lyricists also..  
What would you say is the most difficult challenge that you faced during the recording process?
Conveying exactly what ideas i had in my head.. I'm not as musically savvy in the ways of theory as the others in the band so it was like i needed a translator sometimes to get the sounds out of my head into the songs.
What are you guys working on at the moment?
We have another EP in production atm. We're really trying to get onto that and trying to make people listen to our current album simultaneously which can be challenging, but it doesn't stop us from loving music and creating it.  

Tell us 4 random facts about your band.
1. Yoko Ono loves us.
2. We all share the same favourite food. Chicken Parma..
3. You could launch a plane off Shane the guitarists Quiff and it wouldn't fray a single strand of hair.  Seriously stiff quiff…
4. We have 0 groupies but are hoping those numbers change dramatically

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