Owl Eyes at The Toff, Melbourne (20/05/2012)

Monday, 21 May 2012

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Owl Eyes performed at The Toff, Melbourne on 20 May. The supporting acts were Albert Salt and The Art Of Sleeping. Read more for the review and more photos!

I came a little bit late that I missed Albert Salt's performance, but right on time for The Art of Sleeping. I have to admit, their performance caught my attention straight away in the first place. Not only because they're all good-looking lads, but mostly because their music is really catchy and adventurous. 

The vocal is soft and melodic. It's really a great combination to the uplifting music. Personally, I love the drum play the most, it's so energetic. Not to mention the talented keyboardist who played amazing and beautiful notes. Their whole sound was so clear and clean. The members are all into their instruments, I can see they're enjoying it. Well, so were the audience! The crowds cheered and clapped so enthusiastically after every song played. The band ended their performance with Empty Hands, which pretty much everyone in the room knows (including me, of course).

When it's finally Owl Eyes' turn, everyone was cheering and shouting. The curtain opened and Brooke Addamo stood there beautifully with her striking gold dress and her signature sparkly face paint. Even with her first song, Wait, everyone's already in the mood. She interacted with the audience so well; smiling and making eye contact to the crowd. Faces and 1+1 drew the audience deeper into her performance, mostly through the dreamy songs themselves, but also through her dance moves. The performance has that fantasy-feeling in it, which is also supported by the abstract backdrop.

She did a great job on her Triple J's Like A Version cover, which is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. Surely most of the people in that room knows every word of it. Near the end of her performance, Brooke didn't have to say that she's going to play Raiders. Because when the catchy intro played, the crowd (especially the guys who were so enthusiast since the beginning of the performance) already knew and shouted, 'Raaaaideeeers!'. I love how she was so confident in that pretty small stage and venue. I mean, I can easily step into the stage. I do think it's pretty hard to avoid awkwardness in a small venue, but she didn't seem awkward at all! She performed so well because she was into it and also trying to get the audience into her world.

She closed her performance with her newest single, Crystalised. The feeling of the song compare to Raiders is certainly different to me. Raiders sounds more fun and playful, whereas Crystalised sounds a bit darker. But that was an amazing closing! And finally I have to say this: her voice is so clear, melodic and mesmerizing.

She went out to the merch desk, where people came and said hi to her. Since The Toff is a pretty small venue, so it was pretty intimate. I came to her and honestly, I was a little bit starstruck. I was going to say something, but my mouth felt dry, so there was an awkward pause. But Brooke was such a sweet and kind girl. She knew that I wanted to take a photo because a friend of mine was ready with the camera. She said sweetly, 'You're so little' and bent down. Then I was going to tell her that I did a little interview with her for this blog. But all I can say was, 'That was a great performance!'. She thanked me, and then I left, unbelievably happy.

Photos also available in our Facebook.

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