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Monday, 14 May 2012

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This twin brother, The Icarus Account, has surely made the best decision by collaborating together in a band. I'd describe their music as beautifully written guitar lines with heartwarming lyrics that have calming vibes. When you're in love or want to feel that feeling, definitely listen to these guys. You'd definitely like The Icarus Account, if you're into acoustic indie-pop. Not only that their songs are heart-melters, but they have really catchy guitar play that would stuck in your head and would keep you coming back for more.

Check out our interview with Trey, talking about their inspirations, their recent tour and more.

1. Who makes up your band?

The band is made up of myself, Trey Turner, and my twin brother, Ty!

2.  Where are you guys from?
We are from Fort Myers, FL.

3. Who’s your music inspiration?
So many to choose from! To list a few, David Crowder Band, Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, Shawn MacDonald, Hillsong United, Brand New, Chasing Victory, Goo Goo Dolls, Ben Rector, The Rocket Summer, City and Color and many many more

4. You guys are twins, right? What makes you guys forming the band in the first place?
Yes we are twins. We always wanted to be in a band together. Really since we started playing guitar when we were 12 we had these dreams and ideas of being in a band together and touring around the world playing music. As we got older we realized that we really loved acoustic music and if we played acoustic music, we could have a band that was made up of just the two of us. It was a fun idea to us so we recorded a demo and started promoting as best as we could.

5. What's the story behind your band's name?
The name The Icarus Account was taken from the story of Icarus in Greek mythology. It was an idea we came up with in high school. Basically the story reminds us to stay humble because Icarus dies as a result of his pride. There's a song by a band called jars of clay that talks about this and it really inspired us as musicians to stay humble. We knew if we had a meaning like that in our band name that it would be a constant reminder.

6. How do you describe your music?
Typically as Acoustic pop with an indie twist!

7. We love "Angel Of Mine". Can you guys tell us the story behind the song, just a little bit?
Sure! Ty actually wrote it for and about his current girlfriend. He had a break up a few years back after dating a girl for about 5 years. Sometimes when you go through a bad break up you start to question if there is actually anyone out there who is meant for you. This song was kind of the end of that process where Ty was ultimately realizing that there was someone for him and he had just met her.

8. What kind of bands are guys into at the moment?
Lots of different bands. We are always keeping up with pop stuff on the radio because as a musician you have to be in touch with what the majority of people are listening to. So bands like Fun, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, The Fray and Usher get regular plays in our car. Some of the smaller bands that we have been into lately are Green River Ordinance, Avian Sunrise, and Ben Rector to name a few. 

9. You guys just got back from tour. Where was it and how was it?
Yes we did! It was fantastic! WE played mostly in the midwest of the United States with a few shows in Texas and the southeast and a few up north in Michigan and Ohio. We had some of the best headlining shows that we have ever had out of state! It's been amazing for us to be touring over the years and see the support from our fans grow. I remember the first time people were singing along with our songs at a show and it was the coolest feeling ever. Now, it happens at every show!

10. If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be and why?
Oh gosh that is a tough one. I think currently I'd go with Ryan Tedder from One Republic or Danny O'Donoghue from The Script. Both of those guys are just such amazing song writers I think it would be really cool to write and record some tracks with them.

11. If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Anywhere that there is a huge crowd excited to see us play!

12. Tell us 5 random facts about your band
Lol let's see if I can think of 5. 
1. We are huge sports fans. Had we been more athletic we probably would have tried to be athletes as opposed to musicians lol
2. We love food and always try to find fun, local restaurants to eat at while we are on tour
3. We have a big family, 5 sisters and 2 other brothers. Including us there are 9 kids all from the same parents.
4. We were born in Memphis, TN
5. We rarely actually write songs together. Usually we write separately and then bring the songs together during the recording process to decide what else we can add. 

13.  What or who would you like to be reincarnated as?
A dragon... crossing our fingers that dragon's were real! I mean who wouldn't want to fly and breathe fire.

Angel of Mine by The Icarus Account


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